Docosahexaenoic Acid DHA Tuna Oil Powder

Tuna oil powder contains EPA and DHA, which humans mainly absorb from fish oils, among which the content of fatty fish is the highest.

We take research and development of new medical raw materials, functional food, dietary supplement as the main direction. It is to cooperate with world’s top equipment manufacturing GEA-NIRO and engineering enterprise to develop advanced producing technology device functional lipids.

Use advanced producing technology in terms of submicron scale emulsification and embedding, low-temperature spray drying and secondary spray embedding, and precision moderate processing to control products quality. 

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Tuna oil powder contains EPA and DHA, which humans mainly absorb from fish oils, among which the content of fatty fish is the highest.

EPA and DHA are both unsaturated fatty acids (O-mega3). Their chemical names are EPA and DHA, respectively.Both of them are unsaturated fatty acids, and their molecular structures are very similar. Therefore, EPA can be easily converted into high-density lipoprotein (HDL) to play physiological functions in human body.


1.Immune regulation: supplement EPA and DHA, improve immune system and enhance the ability to fight cancer cells

2.Reduce the complications of diabetes

3.Regulating blood lipids

4.Lose weight: fish oil can metabolize the fat inside human body, reduce blood fat, it is the best health food to lose weight and prevent fatty liver 

5.Prevention of atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease 

6.Prevention and improvement of cervical spondylosis

7.Clearing up thrombosis: Deep-sea fish oil can promote the metabolism of saturated fatty acids in the body and remove animal fat from food.

Product Specification

Name and specifications

Main ingredients

Main substance content

 Tuna 11% DHA -1

Tuna oil, glucose syrup, modified starch

DHA:EPA ≥ 4.5

Tuna 11% DHA -2

Tuna oil, glucose syrup, sodium caseinate, whey
protein colo

DHA:EPA ≥ 4.5

Product feature

Using nanoscale emulsion embedding, produced via low-temperature spray drying and FSD twice agglomeration granulation in GEA-NIGO

spraying tower. Granularity is adjustable.

Good odor and flavor, excellent stablity.

Good dispersibility and fluidity.

Follow the most stringent hazards substance standards.



Chemical name: docosahexa-4,7,10,13,16,19 - enoic acid

CAS No.: 6217-54-5

Chemical formula: C22H32O2

Molecular weight:328.54 g/mol


Chemical name: eicosapenta - 5,8,11,14,17 - enoic acid

CAS No.: 10417-94-4

Chemical formula: C20H30O2

Molecular weight: 302.5 g/mol


Refined fish oil, glucose syrup, casein, trehalose, whey protein powder, sodium ascorbate, sodium pyrophosphate, dipotassium hydrogen phosphate, phosphatide, mono- and di- glyceride fatty acid esters. Anti-caking agent and nature flavor are optional.


1.World leading facility:

GEA-NIRO Spray drying device

2.Process characteristics:

Multifunctional pre-processing equipment

Compact glucose type in-situ agglomeration and secondary embedding granulation, good cold water dispersibility of powder

Lipids and emulsions are sealed with nitrogen all through to protect highly active lipids and avoid oxidation

Meet the most demanding quality requirements of users of special dietary formula foods and health foods

3.Clean production:

CIP online cleaning system



▼Formula food for special medical use

▼Lactation and Pregnant Formula

▼Infant Formula

▼Older Infant and children Formula

▼Cereal Supplementary Formula For Infants and Young Children

▼Other Food:Baked Goods, Soft Sweets, Tablet Candy, Beverage etc.

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