Medium-chain Triglycerides MCT Powder

Medium-chain Triglycerides Powder

The characters are good dispersion, good smell and taste, good stability, and also submicron emulsion embedding.

We take research and development of new medical raw materials, functional food, dietary supplement as the main direction. It is to cooperate with world’s top equipment manufacturing GEA-NIRO and engineering enterprise to develop advanced producing technology device functional lipids.

Use advanced producing technology in terms of submicron scale emulsification and embedding, low-temperature spray drying and secondary spray embedding, and precision moderate processing to control products quality. 

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50% MCT6040 Powder B is white or off-white free flowing powder. This product is processed by the technology of spray drying and agglomeration granulation, and it is derived from palm kernel oil and is produced by biological enzymatic technology with more stable properties which contains 50% medium chain triglycerides. The characters are good dispersion, good smell and taste, good stability, and also submicron emulsion embedding. The technology is strictly followed hazard control standard. The main ingredients are medium chain triglycerides, glucose syrup, sodium caseinate, monoglyceride and diglyceride fatty acid ester, and silicon dioxide. MCTs could be used in many different fields, such as dietary relevance, medical relevance, technical uses. In the dairy products and food additive industry, they can be used as solvents, carriers, antioxidants, milk fat, turbidity agent. In the medical industry, they can be used for special foods in terms of after operations, and infected and skin burned patients. Also, in the feed additive industry, they can be used as feeds to improve disease resistance of poultry.


Technical Requirements

Organization State 

Dry powder, and no adhesion, no caking, no deliquesce, and has good liquidity.

Color and Lustre 

White or Off-white


No peculiar smell such as rancidity, moldiness, deterioration


No external matters were found in the normal vision



Technical Requirements

Total fat content



Protein content









Acid value

mg KOH/g


Peroxide value*






Storage conditions and handling: The storage conditions are indoor which are clean, dry, without lighting, be well ventilated. These products are sensitive for air, heat, light and humidity, and should keep away from light, heat, strong smell and dust. When handling this product, please take routine safety precautions.

Warranty: 2 years. Once opened, please use ASAP.


● Health food, special medical food, infant food

● Meal substitute powder, protein powder, prepared milk powder, soybean milk powder

● Cakes, biscuits

● Coffee, milk tea, cocoa powder, oatmeal flour, rice flour

● Sports drinks, nutrition bars, energy bars

● Candy, chocolate, jelly

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