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Allulose is an isomers of fructose. a herbal happening low caloric high-quality sugar that does now now not favor to count in "introduced sugars".

Allulose is a herbal non-gmo low-calorie awesome sugar which made from corn starch. it's miles a monosaccharide or easy sugar with the one of a variety characteristic of regulating blood sugar and high-quality recommended to human fitness. it's been reflect onconsideration on because the most workable sucrose desire via manner of the the usa ingredients navigation network.

Allulose is a naturally occurring sugar found in figs, raisins, wheat, maple syrup and molasses. It’s sweet like table sugar (sucrose) but without some of sugar’s well-documented downsides. 
Chemically, allulose is similar to fructose, which is found naturally in fruits,It’s roughly 70% as sweet as sugar, so it tastes very similar. It is also not absorbed into the body, and therefore, does not contribute to your daily caloric intake.

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Test Item                                                  StandardSyrupCrystalAppearanceColorless Light Yellow LiquidWhite Crystalline powderTasteSweetSweetD-Allulose (dry basis), %≥90≥98.5Solids Substance, %≥70-Moisture, %-≤1.0PH3.0-7.03.0-7.0Ash, %≤0.5≤0.1As(Arsenic), mg/kg≤0.5≤0.5Pb(Lead), mg/kg≤0.5≤0.5Total Plate Count, cfu/g≤1000≤1000Coliforms, mpn/g≤0.3≤0.3Yeast and Mould, cfu/g≤25≤25Pathogen (Salmonella, ), /25gNegativeNegative

⭕ Allulose Features

✅Low calorie. Calories are much lower than sucrose, about one-tenth of sucrose, and a small amount of calorie is approximately 0
✅The taste is close to that of sucrose. The sweetness of allulose is 70% of that of sucrose, which is very similar to high-purity sucrose. It stimulates the taste buds slightly faster than sucrose. There is no bad taste during consumption, and changes in temperature will not affect its sweetness. High-sweet stevia will feel greasy, and allulose is better at this point.
✅ Maillard reaction. Allulose can undergo the Maillard reaction and can replace sucrose in baking.
✅High security. Allulose has passed the GRAS safety certification of the US FDA, and is considered by European and American scholars to be the best substitute for erythritol. Humans generally have a certain tolerance to the intake of sugar alcohols. If the tolerance is exceeded, symptoms such as diarrhea may occur, but allulose will not occur, and it is very safe.
✅Control blood sugar and suppress blood sugar response. Allulose has no effect on blood sugar and suppresses the glycemic response of other carbohydrates when tested with carbohydrates

✅Anti-obesity. Studies have shown that allulose has the potential to pre-obesity in animal models. It suppresses the expression of genes related to fatty acid synthesis and increases the expression of genes related to lipolysis.

⭕ Allulose Functions

✅Maintaining Healthy Blood Sugar Levels
✅ Weight Loss
✅Preventing Weight  Gain
✅Minimizing Oxidative Stress and Inflammation
✅ Reducing Fat in the Liver

  Due to its neutral sweetness, reductive properties, and high browning reactivity, Dallulose is suitable not only for baked goods, but also for sauces, ketchup, confectionery,beverages, and other products. The addition of D-allulose can make products producea stronger water holding capacity in foods compared with that of sucrose.Functional foods and formulas for special medical purposes that utilize D-allulose in the Maillard reaction with proteins are effective in the prevention of dental caries and related diseases caused by oxidative stress.

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Product Details


-   0.4 calorie in keeping with gram

-    ~70% as candy as sucrose with comparable onset

-    rather soluble, growing with temperature

-    browns higher than different sugar alternatives


-    bake merchandise

-    ice cream

-    nutrition bars

-    sweeteners

-    chocolate

Organic Allulose Syrup


Product name

Allulose Syrup


Colorless or light yellow liquid

D-Allulose (dry matter) ,%


Solid ,%






Total Arsenic(As), mg/kg


Lead(Pb), mg/kg


Water Activity


Total Plate Count, CFU/g


Coliforms , CFU/g


Mold , CFU/g


Yeast ,CFU/g


Staphylococcus aureus/25g

Not detected


Not detected

Pcaking & transporation:

Ibc tote

Net weight:1.4mt/ibc tote

With pallet---25.2mt/20gp 


Internet weight:275kg/drum

With pallet---22mt/20gp 

Garage&shelf life:

1.keep in dry and cool condition, keep away from fabric with smell or of volatilization, defend from water and wet.

2.high-quality within 24 months from production date.















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